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Don’t trust your eyes to just anyone! Chang Optometry offers patients complete eye/optometrist exams to determine your best vision correction and assess the health of your eyes. Our staff performs the following services:


  • Dilating pupils with eye drops, which allows us to thoroughly see inside the eyes.

  • Peripheral vision testing, allowing us to screen for glaucoma and other neurological conditions.

  • We treat most eye infections, ocular allergies, and dry eyes.

  • Laser vision corrections are co-managed with both preliminary consultation and post-op care.

  • Mapping the shapes of irregular corneas improves our fitting of specialty contact lenses.

  • Difficult contact lens fits and previous contact lens dropouts are always welcome for a CL trial.

  • An extensive contact lens inventory provides most patients lenses to leave the office with.


Current contact lens prescriptions from outside sources are also welcomed, with competitive pricing and mail-in rebates. Contact lens orders can also be mailed directly to patients at no additional charge

For any questions or concerns regarding our eye/optometrist services, please contact the office of Virginia eye doctor office Chang Optometry.

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